Top 5 New Android Games 2021

Top 5 New Android Games 2021
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Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well. If you love to play games on Android, then this article is for you. Because you are going to read about Top 5 New Android Games 2021.

Most of these are free and you can download them from the Google Play Store. However, they are offering you premium items or features. You can use the In-Game purchase option.

What are the Top 5 New Android Games 2021?

We would love to share and help our readers to get what they are looking for. So, in today’s article, we are going to share the Top 5 New Android Games 2021 that are free. Before I would mention those games, I want to share some information regarding the topic.

As you have read the topic that we are only going to discuss the game that has got more fame in this current year 2021. Furthermore, I will especially focus on the games for Android mobile phones. So, in the next article, I will target iOS games.

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But fortunately, some of those games are also available for iOS, Xbox, and many other electronic gadgets or gaming consoles. So, you can enjoy a short and precise introduction to each and every game.

I will also let you know where and how you can download those games. Even I will put the link of each game that you can visit and download for your Androids. I will put the official link so you get the official, legal and safe version of that game.

Even though Call of Duty Mobile is one of the old games for Androids, however, still it is famous among the fans. It has received so many positive reviews in the Play Store and crossed 100 million installs.

So, you can imagine how famous this game is. Basically, it is an online FPS game while it also offers PvP. So, you can have PvP game mode. You can play it on your Android mobile phones and some other platforms.

There is a 100 player battle royale for the fans. So, it is a free game that comes up with multiple amazing paid features and items.

Our next pick is based on Adventure. So, Genshin Impact is a video game based on lots of adventure and fun. You have a massive open world where there are mountains, sea, rivers and a lot more.

You can swim, climb mountains, skiing on snowy mountains and more. There are so many attractive and mesmerizing scenes in the game.

It is based on 3D high-quality graphics. So, you are going to get a realistic environment. You can just download the game from the Play Store and play it for free.

If you love Card games, then Legends of Runeterra is one of the best choices for you. I am sure this pick will inspire you and you will probably try it on your Android phones.

It is again a free game and you can also have paid items or resources in the game. It is quite similar to the most famous scope games Hearthstone. It is an online gaming app.

You are supposed to play and collect cards and heroes online. Later you can use those to build decks. You will face real players online.

Pokemon GO is one of the oldest games for multiple kinds of platforms including Android, iOS, and many more. So, it is an online adventure plus action-based game.

You are supposed to catch Pokémon live. Here you will have to enable location and internet connection. But this game is available in very limited regions are countries.

Because you are supposed to move from one place to another, therefore, it requires lots of energy. Therefore, people love to play this game even in 2021.

Here comes the most famous and still trending game that is PUBG Mobile. I would have mentioned this in the list of Top 5 New Android Games 2021.

But still above games can be played easily and most of the people love to play even those are suitable for kids. However, PUBG Mobile is an online shooting game.

It is a 100 players battle royale. Those players drop on an island from an airplane. Then they start to collect weapons and other survival tools. They fight and the last man standing wins.

You can play the game either solo, duo, or in the squad. So, it is really an interesting game that is developed by Tencent. It is offering realistic graphics.

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Final Thoughts

That is all from today’s article. I hope you will enjoy the game that I have mentioned above. So, you will get those for free of cost from the Play Store. I have also shared the link for each and every game above.

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