Top 5 Android Apps to Convert Photos into Anime [Anime Creator]

Top 5 Android Apps to Convert Photos into Anime [Anime Creator]
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There are hundreds of thousands of people looking for Top 5 Android Apps to Convert Photos into Anime. These are the apps that make you able to convert pictures into animation or anime.

However, there are very few apps for Android mobile phones that work perfectly. Other than that you can have tons of apps for PC and many other phones.

So, in today’s article, I am going to share a precise list of those photos to anime converter apps for Android. I have gone through these all apps and all of them are working perfectly.

What are Top 5 Android Apps to Convert Photos into Anime?

Before moving towards the list of all those apps, I just want to let you know about the anime apps. So, basically, anime or animation is a cartoonistic view of any object. Basically, these kinds of apps are used to make anime faces of shapes of real photos.

Even there are hundreds of apps for iOS and many other operating system devices that you can use to create anime videos too. However, there are very few and limited apps that enable you to create DeepFake or animation videos.

So, therefore, in this article, I am also going to share those apps that offer a feature of DeepFake video. However, it will be quite unsafe if someone uses it to harm any person. Nevertheless, you can download and use all those apps for free.

So, the list I am going to share with you is the list of those apps where you can get that feature absolutely free.

However, within each and every application there are some paid or premium features too. Therefore, you can buy those and get more professional tools.

MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia

Deep Nostalgia Apk

Deep Nostalgia is also known as MyHeritage App for Android mobile phones.

Recently it has become viral when celebrities from all over the world started to share their views on the app.

Since then it has crossed millions of downloads in the Play Store. So, basically, it is an app for Genealogy where you can create a family tree. Add oldest pictures of yours and your family.

You can also create DeepFake videos or animations of your own photos. You can simply upload a photo and make an anime of that.


Avatarify Apk

Avatarify App for Android is considered one of the most famous tools to make anime.

However, there are multiple reviews or responses from the users.

According to some users, it is just a fake app that does not work.

But it is still famous among the users. It is actually working on iOS phones and I have tested the app myself.

Therefore, I found it working perfectly. But I am not sure whether it will work on Android as well or not.

But still, it has millions of downloads, and people are using it on their Androids.

So, I would also suggest you download Avatarify App for Android and give it a try.

If it will not work, then you can try some other apps that actually work.

Soloop App

Soloop Apk

Soloop App is not an anime creator but offers some face filters that look anime.

Therefore, I have added this app to the list of Top 5 Android Apps to Convert Photos into Anime.

So, you can also use this app to make or convert your photos into an animation.

It is free you don’t need to pay a single penny for that. You can find the app in the Play Store which is the official app store for Android smartphones and tablets.

Wombo AI

Wombo ai Apk

Wombo AI is a very interesting tool and I would love to suggest this app for you guys.

Because this is quite hilarious and lets you make anime videos or clips.

So, you can also create DeepFake videos.

There you can record your voice and add that to animation. Then make amazing and funny videos.

You can simply share those on your Facebook, Instagram, and many other similar social media apps.

Toon App Pro

Toon App Pro Apk

Toon App Pro is one of the best apps that allows you to convert your photos into anime.

Even though you cannot make DeepFake videos, but you can create anime or cartoons of your photos.

So, it is also a better option for Android users to try and make their own anime. This is free and you can also have to get a mod or Pro version of the games.


These all DeepFake video maker apps are freely available in the Play Store as well as on many other third-party websites. So, you can download and use those on your Android phones.

But I recommend you to use these for fun without hurting or harming someone.

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