Best PUBG Tricks To Enhance Gameplay

Best PUBG Tricks To Enhance Gameplay
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Hello everyone, we are here with some simple and easy tricks for PUBG-Mobile players, through which you can easily play the game and enjoy it even more. If you want to impress teammates and opponents, then you have to try any of these in front of them.

Gaming is one of the largest communities, which has billions of players and fans. But after the introduction of Android in the market, the number of gamers is increasing at an amazing speed. PUBG plays an important role these days in Android games.

Player Unknown Battle Ground: Mobile

PUBG-M is an Android gaming application, which provides the best multiplayer online battlefield for players to play and enjoy. It is an action game, which consists of guns, real-time players, different maps, and many more.

There are more than 70 million players all over the globe, who spend their quality time with this app. One of the main reasons for the popularity of the game is physics based-developed, but there are also other factors of the game.

The gameplay is consisting of 100 players on a single map. Players fight with one other and the last man standing will win. So, there are different modes available for the users, in which you can play in single, duo, and squads.

High numbers of weapons are available, which has different damage rates and other factors. So, all the players have to jump out of the plane according to their recommended location. Different buildings and places are available, where all the weapons and other survival items are available.

Once you are armed, then you have to start taking down the opponents. It is a simple review of the game, but there are more built-in features for the players. The graphics quality is high, which provides the best gaming experience for the players.

There are different features available in the game, which you might not see them. So, we are here with some of the best tips for any new player. You can use them in your gameplay, which increases your chances of winning every match.

Tricks of PUBG Mobile

We are going to share some of the tricks with you all, through which you can easily enhance your gaming skills. Hope, these will help you in getting your chicken.

Smoke in Water

Screenshot of PUBG Smoke Trick

You might think why we would have to smoke in the water. So, there can be different reasons to make smoke in water, but usually, people use smoke to hide. If your opponent is underwater and you can’t get a perfect shot, then just make smoke. You will get a blue picture of the opponent, just shoot to kill.

Use of Doors

Screenshot of Door Trick PUBG

In PUBG, there are multiple uses of doors for the players. Some people might use them to just doors, but there you can do more with them. You can jump on the door from the right direction to get to the above building.

Long Jumps

Screenshot of PUBG Long Jump Trick

Jumping is one of the trickiest things to do, but it is worth learning. We are not talking about jumping on the grounds. You can even jump from only building to another near building. You have to try and practice for this multiple times.

The most important thing is to find the right direction and timing. Building jumping is one of the most useful skills in Pochinki. You can easily get to jump from one house to another and take your opponents by surprise.

Jump and Punch

Screenshot of PUBG Trick Jump and Punch

The feature of jump and punch is added in the initial of the game, which has multiple outcomes according to the scenario. So, if you are in a fistfight, then the use of jump and punch will increase your punch power, which means you can easily take the opponents down.

You can also use a similar process to reduce jump sound. If you are about to make a jump from a building, then you can punch while reaching the land. It will remove your jump sound and no one will get your footsteps or jump sound.

Jump and Shoot

Screenshot of PUBG Trick Jump and Shoot

If you are in close combat, then it is one of the best skills to learn. Usually, players, prefer to crouch and shoot, which is not good. Players shoot at your waist and if you crouch at the time bullets will be in your head.

The less damaged part of your body is the legs, which means jump and shoot is the best way to fight any close combat. You can confuse your opponent as well as take less damage. It will take some time to learn, but it can provide the best outcomes in your gameplay.

Play TDM

Screenshot of PUBG TDM

Usually, players don’t prefer to play short games, such as TDM, Gun game, and others. If you want to improve your skills, then TDM is the best way to improve your close fighting skills. You can learn how to respond to instant danger and other factors also improve.

But, I prefer to play the gun game, in which you have to take out opponents with different guns. It is the best way to get used to all types of guns in the game. It will help you in playing other maps of the game. You can use any gun and takeout opponents.

Do Not Panic

Screenshot of PUBG Trick No Panic

It doesn’t count how much you know about any game if you get panic in different situations. So, try to play the game as a game. Players usually get killed because of the panic situation, which is one of the worst ways to go back to the lobby.

Always remember, there are two outcomes in the fight. You can kill your opponent or your opponent will kill you. So, try something new and play the game. If you killed the opponent, then it is a good thing. If you don’t, then you can start over again. 

Final Words

There are more amazing PUBG Tips and Tricks, which you can find on the internet. But just try to play the game as a game and enjoy every movement of your life. There will be more amazing games in the future, which means just make yourself ready for it. Start playing and make tons of Chicken Dinners.

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