Just Kids Plan from Verizon to Help Parents Keep Track of their Kids

The age of the smartphone has undeniably been world changing. Ease of communication, access to information, browsing the internet in bed, having access to educational apps, and so on. It is an excellent tool in case of emergencies as well. But if we are totally honest, it has been like opening a Pandora box for the parents as well as the children. Of course, not everything is doom and gloom, but parents have it harder than they did a decade ago.

Having unlimited access through a child phone monitoring free policy can easily do more damage than good. Apart from the apparent dangers associated with unlimited access to the internet, incurring significant charges is a real menace. Tech companies, as well as phone service providers, understand this problem, which is why they keep coming up with innovations that will allow parents to have some control.

Verizon’s latest offering called the ‘just kids’ plan is an excellent example. It is the first ever mobile phone plan, especially for children and teenagers. It aims to regulate the amount of time spent on the phone by kids and also discourage child phone monitoring free practice.

Features of this kid-friendly plan are:

  • Unlimited calls to twenty contacts that are required to be nominated by the parents. It also includes unlimited texts to the same numbers.
  • 5 GB of 4G data which is LTE. The speed of downloading and uploading is 128 kbps.
  • Access to Smart Family Premium for parental controls. This allows the parents to monitor the contents accessed by the children. This includes web contents as well as apps which may be related to explicit and inappropriate content.
  • Location tracking on the map through the GPS of the device. This feature allows the parents to know where the children are at all times. The tracking applies to the user as well as the device.
  • It also features live streaming of videos and movies. The quality of the video is DVD quality at 480p.
  • Pre-Set safety mobile data safety mode. This default feature keeps the usage strictly in check, so there is no chance to cross the data usage. This also prevents additional charges that may be incurred.
  • The Just Kids plan has to be added to an existing Verizon Go. Verizon Beyond or Verizon Above Unlimited plan. It can also be added to the above plans which are newly bought. Keep in mind that this plan cannot be used in isolation.
  • The plan also has rewards for Verizon Up with regular use.

What is the cost of the plan?

Just Kids plan from Verizon has prices which differ according to the lines in the existing account.

  • $55 for 2 line plan, $45 for 3 line plan and $35 for 4 line plan and above.

Why choose this plan?

  • The above features are self-explanatory. It is a great plan that has been introduced by one of the leading service providers in the telecom industry. Optimizing the children’s safety has never been more urgent than in today’s world. Having a plan to discourage child phone monitoring free culture is an excellent place to begin.
  • Although there are multiple apps that are on the market to regulate the use of the internet, a specific phone plan has never been introduced. This is why Just Kids plan is excellent. This plan is the perfect addition to your children’s’ cell phone. Some reasons are:
  • It allows monitoring calls as well as internet usage without an additional app. This is particularly advantageous as most of us have our phone’s memory crammed to the fullest with so many apps. Of course, the apps are necessary, but there is no denying that it can be hard on the phone. Whether it is monitoring, keeping tabs on the children’s location, everything is possible. Just Kids plan works efficiently without the need to install a separate app on the phone.
  • It limits the calling time as well. Although a lot of parents may use a monitoring app, most of them do not have control over the number of calls. Using the Just Kids plan keeps a tight hold on the number of calls made as well as the people the children can talk to. This is an excellent feature as children can be in touch with the most important person in their lives. This also allows them to be selective about who they talk to over the phone.
  • The plan has a very affordable package. Considering the amount of money spent on paying for additional usage, this plan is a way to add an additional 5 GB at a very discounted rate. Part of the reason is that it functions as add on to an existing plan. But the price which ranges from $35 to $55 is a very cheap option.
  • The data limit feature is also a great one. Many times, using the data with no cap or limit end up in exceeding the data limit. This can result in a lot of additional charges. If it is an isolated case for a single user, it may be excused. But having to pay additional data usage, every month for all members of the family can result in a significant amount. Using the Just Kids plan allows you to effectively manage the bills of all members of the family.
  • It keeps the children safe. This being the primary concern of every responsible parent, using this plan from Verizon makes this a reality. The filters, as well as the blocking features, keep all graphics contents from the children’s eyes. It can include pornographic material, violence, gambling, drugs, cyber-bullying, and predators crawling on the internet.


The ultimate reason for monitoring apps and features is to keep the children safe. It is not because parents do not trust the children, or they want to invade their privacy. Just kids plan allow parents to achieve this efficiently and effectively.

It requires no download or installation of an app. No complicated setting up of profile. Using it is the same as using your phone to browse or make a call. And all the features at a very affordable price as well.

Beside parents can use other app like NEXSPY- child phone tracker using NEXSPY

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