Fortnite Glitches 2021 [Fortnite Season 6 Glitches]

Fortnite Glitches 2021 [Fortnite Season 6 Glitches]
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As you know that Fortnite Season 6 has been launched on 16 March 2021. So, In today’s article, we will be going to discuss Top 5 Fortnite Glitches 2021.

Screenshot of Fortnite Season 6 Glitches

I am sure that most of you are playing the game smoothly. But still, there are some users who have complained about the Fortnite Season 6 Glitches.

We have also come across those glitches when playing that game. However, those can be witnessed on even all the electronic gadgets whether it be Android, iOS, PC, or XP.

What are Fortnite Glitches 2021?

Fortnite is an online video game based on Action plus Adventure. So, you can play it online with your friends. You can either play it solo or team up with your friends. So, it is really an interesting game that is loved throughout the world.

This video game is sponsored and developed by the most famous Epic Games. You can find the game for Android in the Play Store, for iOS in the App Store, and likewise for the rest of the gadgets. However, you can have the same gameplay with the same items and features.

Recently Epic Games has released the update. So, in that update, you can find different kinds of glitches or bugs. There can be tons of such errors or bugs, but we have selected some of the prominent ones. Therefore, you can find out about those in this article.

However, currently, we cannot give you any solution for most of those. But if we get any solution or update, then we will probably share that with you. Therefore, if you are facing any of the below-mentioned glitches, then don’t think that you are only facing it.

So, I am going to mention and share 5 of those Fortnite Season 6 Glitches right here below. So, don’t get panic if you face any of them, and wait for the next update. So, soon, you will be able to get those fixed in the new updates.

XP Glitches in Fortnite

There is a glitch noticed by so many players. This glitch was first shared by a YouTuber Glitch King. This one allows players to get almost 12,500 XP in the game.

You can be able to exploit that glitch while going through two milestones. The first one requires you to cover a distance while swimming in the water.

Secondly, you need to cover that same distance by simply using the option of the glider. That is how you can exploit the bug. But according to the fans it has been now fixed but no one sure about that.

Weapons are Invisible

As you can also be seen in the screenshot the weapon is not visible on the screen. But still, you can have that and use that in the game.

Screenshot of Fortnite Invisible Weapons Glitch

However, it can be only seen, if you trigger that. So, in order to trigger that bug, you need to perform a specific task. So, you need to take or equip a piece of gear and then hide that into the stash.

Once will be inside, then rapidly switch a weapon or click on the switch button. Then you will see that bug.

Southern Wall The Spire & Instant Death Glitch

If you are playing the game for the first time, then there are so many things that you need to be careful about. Especially after the release of the Season 6 Update of Fortnite.

So, here is a bug that is considered dangerous for the players. That is Instant death. So, when you walk into the southern wall of the Spire, you die instantly.

Some of the players are doing that intentionally, while some of the players do that unknowingly. Players usually try to hide there but as result, they die.

Invisible Chicken

It seems funny but still, it is a bug that you can also exploit or trigger by using some techniques. So, for that, you will have to find a chicken first. Then hide inside a stash.

During when you are inside a stash, you also need to grab that chicken at the same time that you have found it.

Pleasant Parks and Chicken Glider

As you know that in the north of the Pleasant Parks, you can find a tower. Players can activate a speed booster to go faster through the map.

But there is a trick that might get you longer than the booster. So, during that, you need to hold a chicken. Then you will travel and cover more distance than normal.

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So, these were some of the most prominent glitches. Some of these are quite beneficial while some are lethal. But the credit goes to the Glitch King for pointing out or finding these glitches in the game.

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