How to Hack Someone’s Text Messages Without Them Knowing?

How to hack Someones Text Messages from Another Phone

Are you interested in how to hack someone’s text messages from another phone? If yes, today is your lucky day because you have just visited the right place.

No other means of communication is better than text messages. Even though there are lots of ways has developed with several innovative features of communication, none of them even online messaging facilities can beat the facility of text messages.

With text messages, transferring confidential information from one device to another is a lot easier. Before text messages are only restricted to 60-70 characters but in today’s day and age, you will be able to a long conversation with ease. In addition to that, you can share personal details like video, music, pictures, and among others.

In point of fact, this is one of the main reasons why most people want to know how to hack cell phone text messages without having their phone.

Fortunately, there are some apps online that claim that if you utilize them, you will be able to hack text messages without any problem. Some of these apps are more popular and successful compared to others, some are free, and some are paid.

Nevertheless, the following are the top apps that you can use to hack text messages without the target phone.

Top 5 apps for hacking someone’s text messages without having their phone


NEXSPY is indeed an excellent app that you can utilize for hacking text messages as well as monitoring other things. Are you interested in how to hack someones text messages without having their phone by using NEXSPY, you will be able to:

  • Check on received and delivered text messages on your target device
  • Access browsing history, documents, calendar, and even read emails.
  • In addition to that, you can also analyze call logs and view call history.

The basic features of this app work really great, thus you can do geofencing and GPS tracking with easily. When it comes to the more advanced features, they are also working effectively and smoothly on both jailbroken iOS devices and Android. As a matter of fact, with NEXSPY you will be able to monitor Viber, Facebook, Skype, and WhatsApp as well.

Get NEXSPY Premium Account

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On the plus side, this app relatively easy to use and is priced reasonably. What’s more, NEXSPY is totally undetectable and hidden. Being that said, you are certain that your target will not find out that you are hacking his/her text messages.

One more thing, if you’re not satisfied with this app, you are allowed to get your money back. Last but not least, the customer service for this app is available 24/7.

2. 9Tracker

9Tracker is an app that you can use in spying your children, employees text messages without having their cell phone.

The best thing about this app is that it doesn’t need deep efforts and knowledge. With this in mind, you will be able to learn how to hack someones text messages without having their phone easily.

9Tracker, on the other hand, will help you in fetching all conversations and text messages with precise time as well as the date stamp. Moreover, this app is simple to use and reliable for all types of users. This app comes with a free trial to help you familiarize all its features.

3. TheTruthSpy

The TheTruthSpy only works with Android devices that is why if you want to perform iPhone hack text message this app is not for you.

This app can be used on GPS tracking as well as, spying on call logs and text messages. However, monitoring Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, and Viber, tracking a social media activity, and call recording will not work if the target device is not rooted.

On the other hand, TheTruthSpy doesn’t come with customer support which is actually a bad thing. In addition to that, it is quite costly considering the features it offers. But on the good side, you will get a free trial for its basic features like call logs, GPS, and SMS tracking.

Nevertheless, if you’re interested to know how to hack a phone to read texts, the TheTruthSpy app is not for you.

4. Couple Tracker

One of the best things about the Couple Tracker is that it is compatible with all primary operating systems and take note you can download it for free.

Reading text messages and call tracking with this app is possible. What’s more, it has GPS locating that allows you to locate the device.

As the name implies, this app that is very easy to use is specially designed for couples. Further, it doesn’t need a high-end phone specification.

With regards to the information and data, they are shared in real-time. And just like any other apps, the Couple Tracker comes with a free version, however, it is restricted to three messages, 10 locations, and six phone calls every day.

5. PhoneTracking

With this app, you will be able to do a hacking job with ease thanks to its user-friendly interface. PhoneTracking is primarily designed for hacking messages without having the target phone.

But aside from that, this app can be also used for tracking location, accessing browsing history, as well as obtaining multimedia files. When it comes to viewing messages, you will be able to see the complete set of date and time of the received and sent messages. In addition, this app lets you control the device you are targeting as your own.

Best App to Hack cell Phone Text Messages

All these 5 apps are reliable and safe to use. However, when it comes to features and efficiency, NEXSPY is the real winner. This app is not only limited to hacking messages, but you can also do a lot of things such as GPS tracking, reading emails, and browsing history. You can also monitor WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, as well as Skype without any problem.

NEXSPY monitoring app is very affordable and undetectable. Finally, it has excellent customer support and if you’re not happy with the service, you can get your money back. Hopefully, this article has helped you a lot in choosing the best that you can use to hack text messages.

The age of the smartphone has undeniably been world changing. Ease of communication, access to information, browsing the internet in bed, having access to educational apps, and so on. It is an excellent tool in case of emergencies as well. But if we are totally honest, it has been like opening a Pandora box for the parents as well as the children. Of course, not everything is doom and gloom, but parents have it harder than they did a decade ago.

Having unlimited access through a child phone monitoring free policy can easily do more damage than good. Apart from the apparent dangers associated with unlimited access to the internet, incurring significant charges is a real menace. Tech companies, as well as phone service providers, understand this problem, which is why they keep coming up with innovations that will allow parents to have some control.

Verizon’s latest offering called the ‘just kids’ plan is an excellent example. It is the first ever mobile phone plan, especially for children and teenagers. It aims to regulate the amount of time spent on the phone by kids and also discourage child phone monitoring free practice.

Features of this kid-friendly plan are:

  • Unlimited calls to twenty contacts that are required to be nominated by the parents. It also includes unlimited texts to the same numbers.
  • 5 GB of 4G data which is LTE. The speed of downloading and uploading is 128 kbps.
  • Access to Smart Family Premium for parental controls. This allows the parents to monitor the contents accessed by the children. This includes web contents as well as apps which may be related to explicit and inappropriate content.
  • Location tracking on the map through the GPS of the device. This feature allows the parents to know where the children are at all times. The tracking applies to the user as well as the device.
  • It also features live streaming of videos and movies. The quality of the video is DVD quality at 480p.
  • Pre-Set safety mobile data safety mode. This default feature keeps the usage strictly in check, so there is no chance to cross the data usage. This also prevents additional charges that may be incurred.
  • The Just Kids plan has to be added to an existing Verizon Go. Verizon Beyond or Verizon Above Unlimited plan. It can also be added to the above plans which are newly bought. Keep in mind that this plan cannot be used in isolation.
  • The plan also has rewards for Verizon Up with regular use.

What is the cost of the plan?

Just Kids plan from Verizon has prices which differ according to the lines in the existing account.

  • $55 for 2 line plan, $45 for 3 line plan and $35 for 4 line plan and above.

Why choose this plan?

  • The above features are self-explanatory. It is a great plan that has been introduced by one of the leading service providers in the telecom industry. Optimizing the children’s safety has never been more urgent than in today’s world. Having a plan to discourage child phone monitoring free culture is an excellent place to begin.
  • Although there are multiple apps that are on the market to regulate the use of the internet, a specific phone plan has never been introduced. This is why Just Kids plan is excellent. This plan is the perfect addition to your children’s’ cell phone. Some reasons are:
  • It allows monitoring calls as well as internet usage without an additional app. This is particularly advantageous as most of us have our phone’s memory crammed to the fullest with so many apps. Of course, the apps are necessary, but there is no denying that it can be hard on the phone. Whether it is monitoring, keeping tabs on the children’s location, everything is possible. Just Kids plan works efficiently without the need to install a separate app on the phone.
  • It limits the calling time as well. Although a lot of parents may use a monitoring app, most of them do not have control over the number of calls. Using the Just Kids plan keeps a tight hold on the number of calls made as well as the people the children can talk to. This is an excellent feature as children can be in touch with the most important person in their lives. This also allows them to be selective about who they talk to over the phone.
  • The plan has a very affordable package. Considering the amount of money spent on paying for additional usage, this plan is a way to add an additional 5 GB at a very discounted rate. Part of the reason is that it functions as add on to an existing plan. But the price which ranges from $35 to $55 is a very cheap option.
  • The data limit feature is also a great one. Many times, using the data with no cap or limit end up in exceeding the data limit. This can result in a lot of additional charges. If it is an isolated case for a single user, it may be excused. But having to pay additional data usage, every month for all members of the family can result in a significant amount. Using the Just Kids plan allows you to effectively manage the bills of all members of the family.
  • It keeps the children safe. This being the primary concern of every responsible parent, using this plan from Verizon makes this a reality. The filters, as well as the blocking features, keep all graphics contents from the children’s eyes. It can include pornographic material, violence, gambling, drugs, cyber-bullying, and predators crawling on the internet.


The ultimate reason for monitoring apps and features is to keep the children safe. It is not because parents do not trust the children, or they want to invade their privacy. Just kids plan allow parents to achieve this efficiently and effectively.

It requires no download or installation of an app. No complicated setting up of profile. Using it is the same as using your phone to browse or make a call. And all the features at a very affordable price as well.

Beside parents can use other app like NEXSPY- child phone tracker using NEXSPY

A brief note on cell phone tracking

Today technology has advanced everywhere. It is especially triggered more in smart technology device world. When you come across smart mobile devices, its demand is more which costs more expensive as well. Taking this genre of the cell phone world, its location tracking has occupied a tremendous role in society today. Whatever may be the reason is, tracking for good or bad cause does not matter over here. Here you can only observe how technology is benefiting the customers in tracking out lost cell phone criteria.

Let’s discuss the tracking of cell phones and how it can be traced out the location of a targeted people cell phone without knowing them.

Specific things

The key objective of cell phone tracking is notifying the targeted person exactly in terms of location. It is possible using spy apps widely today. Majorly, people are installing many apps in their devices for fun, safety, and security of all their credentials and details associated or linked with their mobile number already.

The installation of spy apps will be beneficial for the people mostly to trace out the cell phone location, record the calls of the targeted people (it may be your spouse, child or your beloved ones), knowing about the people activities exactly as well. Due to its attractive features, these apps have attained great essence in the current technology market.

For example, tracking a cell phone location without them knowing is also possible with the help of NEXSPY. If you share your location with your beloved ones, then until and unless you off your GPS tracker, you may let your beloved people know about your location. It is a known way of tracking. But if you want to let your people unaware of your phone tracking, then you are recommended to use spy apps essentially. You can also install software’s as well along with this step. Some may install software’s but some may not.

They simply bother about apps will work out more rather than downloading software. As they feel that software’s easily kill your device space but eventually it effects on your intention of new apps to install.

Consider some following cases to know the importance of using these tracking apps

For example, if you got kidnapped by your known ones, then these apps will be beneficial in tracing your exact or surroundings of the location at least. Similarly, if you got cheated by your life partner etc.

Ok, its fine when we come across our child is watching harmful movies or videos, we can sort it out in the beginning only. But if your child is not at school and playing or undergoing any unfortunate or illegal goings like drug intake and all. We cannot ensure that all our surroundings are good at all the times. Being careful is essential now a day’s get rid of unexpected or dangerous incidents.

Finally, these apps or GPS phone tracking on Google maps are advised you to use it and ensure that your internet connection is active only. Certainly, technology is helping to find out the hided criminals gradually.


Hence from the enormous benefits of cell phone tracking, there is a drawback as well. In fact, it majorly concerns about privacy only. It kills the relationships easily if the targeted person knows about it. Positively, it helps you to know about the exactly about targeted people and make you alert and awaken.

You can find lots of options available for the mobile phone monitoring apps, it will be a pretty difficult task to pick the best one among them. Additionally, you have to spend some time to read reviews of at least the top 5 apps in order to choose only one for you.

Reading reviews will be greatly helpful to understand the best things about the different cell phone monitoring apps and which should be avoided due to the insecurity. If you have selected the best mobile phone spying or tracking app for your Android devices, then it makes everything easier for you.

What should you consider?

While picking the best Android mobile phone tracking application, you should need to consider all these following factors such as,

  • It is always better choosing a leading mobile spying or tracking app which is the best combination of the advanced monitoring and spying features.
  • It will be definitely the best spy software or solution for all versions of the Android smartphones or tablets in the wide variety of the tracking options combined with the higher quality and affordability.
  • The spying software you select for your Android devices should not just serve as the spying or surveillance app for the parents and kids but also the best location tracking solution.
    It has to be updated at all the times about the activities of the users in the real time.
  • You should look for the spying software with a huge range of incredible features including access to the instant messenger chats, monitoring the messages & phone calls, the multimedia sent through the chats, email & browser monitoring, GPS location tracking for monitoring the particular locations, location history, current location and also geofencing, remotely control the target phone, recording the phone calls & surroundings etc.

Benefits of the Android spying software:

If you have selected the best choice of the spying software or application, it will offer you the several ranges of benefits as follows. The best Android messages and calls spying software are highly compatible with all versions of the Android smartphones and tablet devices. It also provides the greatest support to run the offline tracking and it captures everything offline. The target device is quickly connected to the internet and the details are frequently uploaded to the online account. Such apps also offer several numbers of features to give you an extensive monitoring solution. Is it available free spy apps without installing on target phone? Find out more at NEXSPY.COM

Some of them are providing the live demo version which allows all the users to test every feature and even obtain the hang of the app before originally buying it. A lot of Android tracking apps are providing the remote app installation support for all the Android users where the team of experts is installing the app for you on your target device. With such apps, you can able to monitor the calls, SMS, web browsing history, emails, GPS location, phonebook, get alerts, IMs, tracking your lost phone case, remotely control your phone and more.

The Facebook Messenger is the most widely used social media messaging with over 800 million users. Since it has a huge number of base, Facebook has done everything in their control to keep their social platforms as secure and safe as possible. The secret conservation feature was included in the social media messaging as a layer of the security to the Facebook Messenger.

This is because now a day’s number of users are using this app for communicating and chatting with their friends. Using this secret conversation feature the users sending messages are encrypted with an end to end encryption so that the intruders in the middle cannot access the messages. But it has also created a problem for the parents, so they want to learn how to hack the secret conservations on Facebook.

Though the Facebook secret conservation feature has increased the security of the messenger it is still found to be imperfect because just by installing the monitoring app on the target device one can hack the Facebook secret conservation of other users.

The work of this monitoring tool is that it will record the Facebook messages even before the user deletes the conversations. Moreover, in some tools, there is keylogger feature this can log to the keystrokes typed by the person on their mobile devices. So, even when you cannot record the Facebook secret conversations you can track the target’s device secret conversation through the features of key logs.

How to hack the secret conservations on Facebook?

We know already that the Facebook conservation can be hacked with the help of the monitoring tool but before using the monitoring tool you need to do some research and find out the best monitoring tool for recording the secret conservations of the person. Among the huge number of monitoring tools, the Fonemonitor is a monitoring tool and parental control that enables the parents to track the cell phone of their kids to check their activities on the Facebook Messenger remotely.

Once you set up the Fonemonitor monitoring app on the target devices you will able to monitor all the mobile activities of the particular device like web browsing history, phone calls, text messages and as well as the Facebook messages. This Fonemonitor tool can also monitor the Facebook secret messages of the target devices. How to hack someones facebook messages without them knowing using NEXSPY software. When you just hack your kid or family member device for the Facebook secret conservation then you can do the following things. They are.

  • Check the web browsing history of the target device with complete URL of the websites
  • You can track the text messages and the phone calls on the target device.
  • Preview videos and photos stored on the monitored device
  • Record the keystrokes on the monitored device
  • Messaging apps can also be monitored using the Facebook Messenger

If you want to do the above tasks then you must just download and install the Fonemonitor app on your device and connect the target device which you like to hack the Facebook secret conservation remotely, once connection establishment you can hack the person’s the secret conservations.

All users of the WhatsApp application get the most expected enhancement in their conversations on online regardless of their location and time. They are happy to do regular updates of this popular messaging app and confident to recommend this mobile app to others.

However, they have a doubt about whether WhatsApp is compromising their privacy and security by letting any third-party app to access their data. A permission to 3rd-party apps for accessing deleted WhatsApp messages leads to doubts over unbreakable safety and privacy claims of WhatsApp.

Be safe at all times

There is a secured end-to-end encryption used to make certain that all users have a secure platform for communicating with their friends on online without any worry about their privacy and safety aspects of private data. The messaging application WhatsApp is an integral part of the life of every user of the Smartphone. If you understand the user policies of this application, then you can decide on and ensure about how to successfully use this app as per your online communication requirements. how to hack whatsapp

An end-to-end encryption feature supports users of the WhatsApp to double-check the safety of their messages. The sender and receiver only can read the message. WhatsApp and nobody in-between can access and read such message. There are two keys generated at the first-time users open the WhatsApp app. These two keys are as follows.

  • Private key
  • Public key

The public key is transmitted to the receiver via the server. However, the private key remains with the user of the WhatsApp on the mobile. The server sends encrypted message to the receiver. The private key of the receiver only can unlock such message.

No one including a specialized hacker, WhatsApp, a relative or the government can jack into WhatsApp communications of any user. Though WhatsApp server is hacked, any hacker cannot read chats of customers due to encrypted nature of every chat with different keys.

Ensure your privacy on a regular basis

Some users of the WhatsApp in recent times are eager to customize font, icons and themes of their WhatsApp. They can use the third-party apps to fulfil their expectations on customizing the WhatsApp.

They have to keep in mind that these third-party apps may compromise the security and privacy of users of the WhatsApp at any time. Many third-party apps these days pretend to be the WhatsApp. You have to avoid using such apps as long as you do not wish to compromise your privacy.

Any user of the third-party app designed for customizing the WhatsApp is prone to loss of privacy. They definitely put their privacy at risk when they respond to request from such third-party app for changing settings of the WhatsApp. They have to be conscious about the security of their Smartphone in which they have installed and use the WhatsApp app.

This is because the phone does not work for decrypting the encrypted WhatsApp message. This is advisable to avoid using the third-party keyboard app while using the WhatsApp. This is because such app is vulnerable to hacking at any time.

As Android has become the top mobile operating system, hacking them has also raised up. Android is the main cause for developing various applications, web pages, and websites. Phone hacking is getting an unauthorized process in mobile phones by getting noticed of others personal things. When there is unauthorized access in a user’s conversation, it is known as phone tapping. In phone hacking, any mobile phones can be targeted.

Hacking is an illegal process in many countries unless it is done by any government agency for gathering information about victims. Starting from regulating the fridge, parking the car, switching on and off of the fan and lights in the home, everything can be done remotely using android phones. You should watch the online activities of your family members if you want to save them from the cyber-attack. Mostly, kids and girls are becoming the victims of cyber-bully. There are many hackers being developed nowadays.

Hacking the device remotely:

Mostly, the software developing companies are developing the hacking apps to help in hacking your loved one Android phone remotely. Some applications are available at free of cost and some apps cost you money. There are many unethical hackers, whose only job in seeking into others personal details by hacking their mobile phones. If you download their software, then all your personal details will be accessible to them. You should get the hacking software from an authorized company and how to hack someones phone

How to hack someone’s phone remotely using TheTruthSpy?

This is a very famous application of hacking an android phone remotely. You can hack any type of a smartphone and also any details of that user using TheTruthSpy. This is a cloud storage application so that the data are stored in the cloud and you can view it from any part of the world. This application is designed in such a way that, it will be running in the background and the user cannot find the existence of this application. This application will be merged with the target device through a third party application. After pairing, you can hack the phone easily with this application.

Features of TheTruthSpy:

TheTruthSpy application is developed with more hi-tech hacking features. Some of the features are mentioned below: how to hack a phone

  • Browsing history of the targeted device can be viewed easily.
  • You can block the contents of the targeted device if you need that they should not view it.
  • You can record the conversations made in that device.
  • You can take pictures of the surrounding environment using a remote cam facility.
  • You can hack their social networks and the mail id by using active key logging facility.
  • You can retrieve the deleted files and view it without the knowledge of the user.


As this is a user interface application, it is very easy to use without the help of experts. You can monitor all the activities done by the targeted user and they cannot hide anything from you.