Best Among Us Mod Versions for Android

Best Among Us Mod Versions for Android
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If you keep yourself informed about global gaming, then you would have heard about a game that went viral over time in the past year.  The game is still in trend and millions of gamers play it. We are talking about the game called Among Us and today we’ll share Best Among Us Mod Versions for Android.

The gameplay got immensely viral around the world and the YouTube gamer community played a very important in making it so viral. It was initially played by some famous YouTubers and from then on everyone started following it. The gameplay is very fun and the idea is very unique that is why the players from around the world started playing it.

What is Among Us?

Among Us are an online strategy and action gameplay for android device users. It is offering you the feature to play with your friends online and you can also with players from around the world. You can also play it offline with your friends using the local Wifi hotspot from one device. It is a highly entertaining yet challenging gameplay.

 The idea of this gameplay is very simple but very unique. You are set out on a journey on a spaceship. Now there will be a total of ten crewmates joining you on the spaceship. Among the ten crew members, minimum 1 and maximum limit 3, members will be allotted as the imposters. The selection is going to be completely random.

The job of the imposter is to kill everyone on the ship and create chaos. If you are an imposter, you have to kill everyone one by one. You will win the game after you have killed all of the members of the crew. The remaining players who are not imposters have two main jobs to perform for winning. They have to correctly vote out the imposter or complete tasks.

The players will have no idea about the imposters among them. There is an option of calling the emergency meetings. If you have seen a dead body and you have the killer player, then you have to call the meeting. You have to vote against the killer to remove him/her from the match. This is one why for winning the game.

If finding the imposter is hard, then you get a specific set of tasks to perform. The tasks will be related to the maintenance of the ship. You have to complete all of the tasks in order to win. The tasks are going to be hard because you have to keep yourself dace from getting killed by the imposters.

Now the mod versions of Among Us will help you in modifying the gameplay and adding new abilities. You should read the Among Us New Airship Skin Bundle as well. If you want info about the New Airship Skin Bundle.

Each mod version offers different services and features. So we will be sharing the Top  3 Mod version of it. All of the shared apps are going to be completely free to play. You will get proper information about the shared applications.

Best Among Us Mod Versions for Android

Among BlackPink

This mod is offered for the fans of the very famous girl band Blackpink. The interface of the application is going to pink and black.  The gameplay characters are also going to be transformed. You will get a girly look at the gameplay and the theme is still going to be the same original one.

This version does not have any kind of affiliation with official gameplay nor the girl band. It is developed by a fan developer and you can enjoy the same gaming experience here. The usage is going to be illegal but you can still try it at your personal risk.

Among Us Signed Apk 

This is mod version offers multiple hacks for the gameplay. If the identity of the Imposters is known to other players then they will call meetings to completely vote him/her out. Now you have the option of completely disabling the emergency meeting call. This will help the killer in killing everyone without any problem.

Most of the players like to play as the imposter because you get the killing of the player with interesting moves. You can also create chaos using the sabotage options and then easily kill the players. You like to play the imposter then you will get the always imposter option. You are just required to enable the option.

Among Us Prop Hunt Mod

 The gameplay is offering a lot of skins for the character and you can also use many other items. Now some of these items and skins are free to use but most of the items require premium payments. If you don’t want to spend your money then you should try the Among Us Prop Hunt Mod.

This mod offers you all of the skins and items completely free of cost. The store has a lot of pets that you have to unlock and make them your companion. This application offers you all pets unlocked by default and you can use anyone you like.

 The 3 best Best Among Us Mod Versions for Android that you can get right now. If you are looking at the gameplay hacks then you should try the first and second app. If you are looking to use the premium items from the store, you should try the last application.

Final Words

This is the end of this review and now you have the list of Best Among Us Mod Versions for Android. You can choose to download anyone you like and you can make that decision by reading the short review or you can try each app one by one. The Choice is completely yours to make.

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