Best 5 GFX Tools For PUBG Mobile Game

Best 5 GFX Tools For PUBG Mobile Game
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In today’s article, we are going to discuss the Best 5 GFX Tools For PUBG Mobile games. These can be mainly designed for Android mobile phones.

So, if you are looking for some of those GFX customization tools, then this article will be helpful for you. You can also download those from their own official app stores.

These are easy and reliable to use. If you want to know more about those GFX apps, then you need to give a read to this article. Then you will be able to use those apps easily.

What are the Best 5 GFX Tools For PUBG Mobile Game?

So, before I mention the Best 5 GFX Tools For PUBG Mobile Game, I just want to let you know what these are. Some of you may don’t know what these apps are and how you can use them. Moreover, where and on which devices you can use these kinds of apps.

AS you know that the PUBG Mobile game is one of the most advanced gaming apps. It offers realistic graphics that give you an amazing gaming experience. As it is offering High-End graphics, therefore, you need to use better and high-end smartphones.

Those Android phones that have better and high-quality specifications are more suitable for the game. You can even play the game in HD or HDR graphics. But if you have a low-end phone, then you can play it in Medium graphics.

However, by using the GFX tools, you can customize and provide an environment where you can play the game with better and high-quality graphics. Apart from that, you can also fix lag as well as FPS issues. Moreover, you can set resolutions according to your device.

Even here are so many interesting features that you can only find in such tools. So, without wasting further time, I just want to share those with you. I will also provide a small intro so you can get to know where and how you can use them.

HD Graphics Tool

HD Graphics Tool

Here come the first and most loved tools among all those.

It is HD Graphics Tool for Android.

So, currently, it is only available for Android mobile phones and tablets.

This application is developed by NAROSYS. It allows you to run the game on devices with lower specifications or features.

Moreover, you can fix the lag issue and increase the game’s performance.



This is one of the most recent tools for the PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS.

However, this application is only available for iOS or iPhone smartphones and tablets.

So, you cannot use that on your Android mobile phones.

But it is offering you the same features and enhancements for the game.

So, you can have it on your iPhone with low specifications and run the game smoothly.

PGT Pro Graphics Toolkit

PGT Pro Graphics Toolkit

PGT Pro Graphics Toolkit is another app that you can only use on Android smartphones or tablets.

It gives multiple FPS options. You can also have Advanced graphics customization in this tool.

Furthermore, you can have all the PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS options in the game.

There you can find the KR, Global, Lite, China, and many other versions.

Battlegrounds Advanced Graphic tool

Battlegrounds Advanced Graphic tool

Battlegrounds Advanced Graphic tool is a new app that is developed by Jedir Studios.

It can be only used on Android mobile phones or tablets.

It is also used for graphics personalization in the PUBG Mobile.

So, it is also applicable for the PUBG Lite and many other editions.

GFX Tool Pro for PU Battle ground 

GFX Tool Pro for PU Battle ground

Here at the end, you can have one more exciting and free tool for PUBG Mobile.

I am sure you have heard this name Battlegrounds Advanced Graphic tool.

You can use this app on your Android mobile phones.

This is designed by Oxygen Labs Inc,. So, you can have an anti-ban feature in the app. You can also have a 60 FPS option for the game.

How to Use PUBG Mobile GFX Tools?

The usage process for each and every tool is quite different. So, therefore, you guys need to download and use the app by yourself.

However, there is no rocket science in there. Most such apps provide the auto-fix option. So, it can fix the settings automatically once you will select that option.

It will give you a customization option according to your phone’s specifications. Then you will see the magical results in the game.

These are the tools that allow you to customize graphics and make the game smoother. Therefore, they are not hacking tools or they do not manipulate the gameplay.

Therefore, these are safe and legal to use in the PUBG Mobile game. You don’t need to worry about that.

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I am 100% sure that these apps are tools that are going to work for you. However, I am hopeful that this article on Best 5 GFX Tools For PUBG Mobile Game will help you to improve your game experience.

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